Penmon Point


Penmon Priory & The Dovecot

Penmon Priory


This tranquil location on the eastern tip of Anglesey has remains spanning over 1,000 years. It was the site of a monastery dating back to the time of St. Seiriol, who is believed to have lived in about the 6th century. A holy well which survives may have its origins in this period. In the early 13th century the Celtic community was reorganized under the Augustinian Rule, and at this time the priory church was enlarged. This now serves as the parish church.


The monastery at Penmon is reputed to have been founded by St Seiriol, a 6th-century holyman and friend of St Cybi. The monastery prospered and in the 10th century fine crosses were set up at its gates, but the Viking raids have destroyed all other evidence of this date.


Penmon Priory


During the 12th century, revival under Gruffydd ap Cynan and Owain Gwynedd the abbey church was rebuilt, and it remains the finest and most complete example of a church of this period in Gwynedd. In the 13th century the Celtic monasteries were persuaded by Llywelyn ap Iorwerth to adopt a more regular rule, and Penmon eventually became an Augustinian priory with quite substantial conventual buildings. The priory survived the Edwardian conquest and expanded slightly, but was dissolved in 1538. The buildings passed into the hands of the Bulkeleys of Beaumaris, who enclosed much of the land as a deep park and built a fine dovecote. They also converted the prior's lodging into a rather attractive house. Throughout this time the priory church remained in use, as it does today.


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The Dovecot


The Dovecot


The Dovecot stands near the Priory and was built in around the 1600's. This was built to house domestic pigeons for their eggs and meat.



Puffin Island

Puffin Island is the ninth largest island off the coast of Wales, its whole 69 acres is made up of carboniferous limestone. At its highest point the island reaches 58 meters (190ft) above sea level.

Ynys Seriol (Saint Seriol) established a monastic settlement on the island in the 6th century and it is said that he was burried there.

A monastry existed on Puffin Island in the late 12th century, the ruins of several buildings are visible on the island.


Puffin Island & Lighthouse

Puffin Island is whats classed as a special protection area. Up to 2,000 pairs of Puffins can be found on the island at any one time along with other birds such as The Great Cormorant, The Black Guillemot, The Shag, The Razorbill, The guillemot, The Kittiwake & the Common Eider.



Marine life is abundant around Puffin Island, fisherman often cast for mackerel & many other species.
Dolphins, porpoyce & seals are often spotted by visitors.


Black Guillemots